Just walked outside and the moon was so bright and beautiful I could see without a flashlight and I got thinking about how God made the moon as the light of the night. This is not just by chance folks that we have a moon that just so happens to appear almost exactly the same size as the sun. The total lunar eclipse perfectly blocking out the sun always amazes me since I (being scientific minded) know the sizes and distances and for the numbers to match up for a total lunar eclipse to be just by chance is lunacy (pun intended) when taking everything into account. God created this for us and I recognize his awesomeness and am truly humbled.

Another interesting read once again pretty much confirming to me that there is a creator. Churches need to really get out the basic message of why God would create us and how something had to exist forever with no beginning which I’m sure some are doing just that. There should be no atheist if the message is conveyed properly and God should be allowed everywhere especially school and government facilities (he is everywhere anyways just some refuse to let him in their hearts). Quite simply once you realize something or someone had to always exist then it makes God seem much more likely and really a certainty. A non created creator whom with all things are possible. I grew up in a baptist church and have always pondered on things and love science. As I grew older and learned more about things in general it only opened up more questions. For a long period of time I actually began to doubt that there was a God. It all seemed like something sort of like a fairytale with people believing just for the sake of their own outcome of eternal life and refusing to listen to facts from the scientific community. Thankfully I never did see science and religion as being separate things. First of all I realized we are in a physical world with properties that have to be in place for us flesh creatures to exist and a creator would have to construct such a place. The mathematics behind it all is astounding and beyond my comprehension but obviously there is a clear and present order which allowed us to exist. You must then question could this all have randomly taken place by just one gigantic coincidence? You figure that it could be possible but here is the problem with the chance universe theory. Had this all just happened by chance and all the atoms and universe all just popped up out of nowhere for no reason then where did it come from? How could this material led to where we are today? Simple answer is it could not. Had there only been atoms that always existed with no ability to make choices that would be all that still existed. Some entity whom always existed must have created this universe for us out of nothing. Now you might question why? Well, imagine yourself being this entity whom has always been. Wouldn’t it being as great as it is want companionship? I know I would and since I’m created in God’s image (consciously speaking of course) then it’s not that hard to understand why he would want to create us. Now you wonder why all these rules to live by and sins to avoid? Easy, it’s all about freewill. The only possible way for God to find true companionship would be by freewill otherwise he could just make artificial beings (kind of like programmed robots) to behave as he wanted without a conscious. We’d have to be tempted and be able to make choices based off of our own freewill in order to prove worthy to be by God’s side for eternity. Without the devil these temptations would not be possible so that explains his existence as well. This entity or God as we know him would have to figure out a way to make himself seen to us humans. This would be a tricky feat since he is unfathomable to us and infinite. God would have needed to create a savior and place himself in this saviors flesh body in order to get his presence known to us and this savior is Jesus Christ. This also allowed God to feel what being a human was like and to go through horrible torturous pains to better understand us since he loves us so. This goes back to close companionship because sharing in pain brings about even a closer bond and Jesus suffered huge in order to reveal God to us. This is the current point of thinking I’m at and I won’t deny I’m not a man who has studied scripture in depth (but hope to in the future to get a better understanding of the Bible and God’s purpose) but I really believe this to be the simplest most understanding explanation for our existence. I feel so many young people today who are becoming more and more educated on how the world works and all the scientific aspects of it all are distancing themselves from God or any possibility of his existence. I fear they will never give him a chance once they reach the “centralistic fairytale viewpoint” which I myself was caught by for a while. One reason I feel this is happening is Christians are not getting the word out properly since they don’t know how to respond to scientific questions which really are questioning God’s existence. Humans, no matter how educated, are really just looking for simple answers to big questions and if you start with the simple (something existing for all of eternity and how we fit in) then they will find the pathway to our creator and it all just makes perfect sense. The bible is hard to understand because you have to remember God had to make it to were we can understand it which in and of itself was probably the most difficult since his glory is unfathomable to us. People interpret it in all different ways but pushing the basic message I feel is the way to go about it to get new people traveling along the right pathway.

Please read this whether you are religious or not. Being ponderer my whole life this is the way I now view things but this puts it into words perfectly. There are about 5 parts so continue to grasp the full explanation. I gurantee it will forever change your thoughts on existence.

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QuestionOne day I'm going to buy this video gaming system from you. I think $15,000 is definitely a fair price. Would you include the cases and shelf system with the purchase? Or do you think it would be better to build a custom display case? Was your custom built? Or did you buy the pieces from a regular store? Answer

I need to keep the shelves since they match the rest of my furniture and I need them for my disc based systems and my hdtv. If I were you though I’d buy a case with glass doors to display them in to avoid dust and such plus it makes them look nice. By the way where are you from do you live fairly close to Kentucky?

1978 Sony Trinitron still doing what it was born to do.

  1. Camera: SONY DSC-WX50
  2. Aperture: f/2.6
  3. Exposure: 1/160th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm


Gaming Fossils. Basically, the most badass/artsy thing I have seen.

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QuestionAre you willing to sell this collection? And if so, how much would you sell it for? Answer

I would sell my cartridge games and systems (no disc based) for $15,000. This would include over 750 nes games, lots of good snes titles (probably around 80) genesis titles (around 40) master system (around 40) intellivision around 50, atari 2600 around 100) be a lot of games and most of the value would be based around the NES collection because it took me a long time to gather up all those different titles many of which I paid high for on ebay since I could not find them anywhere else. You’d have to bring a truck most likely, lol. No way would I attempt to ship them.